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Likes: British tv, indie movies, Kevin Spacey, Foo Fighters, Weezer, honesty, my husband, beer, bagels and Ireland.

Dislikes: fakeness, most reality tv, Twilight, defensiveness, meatloaf (the food not the band)

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My cuddle bear. #milesthebear #caturday

Thank you Linus. (at LA TRATTORIA & PIZZERIA of the WEST END)

What Miles has done to his scratchy post that’s like 2 months old. #milesthebear #catproblems #catstagram

So we didn’t end up catching the cat last night but a raccoon and this is what happened to our towel.

And we’re ready to go. #catstagram

I miss my hammock. #tbt

Yum! (at Bamboo Fine Asian Cuisine)

#coconutoil in my coffee - not bad.

Whaaaaa? #milesthebear


I just ate a spoonful of coconut oil, it was weird #hypothyroidism

jump jump jump (by b$/ram)