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Likes: British tv, indie movies, Kevin Spacey, Foo Fighters, Weezer, honesty, my husband, beer, bagels and Ireland.

Dislikes: fakeness, most reality tv, Twilight, defensiveness, meatloaf (the food not the band)

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Day 13and I haven’t even washed it with
the BS since Tuesday night. I went to the gym yesterday and instead of
washing it with BS again I followed some directions and just massaged my
scalp with warm water and then thoroughly brushed my hair to spread out the
oils. I must admit, my hair looks damn good (for not having washed it in
several days). This experiment is pretty interesting plus I get to enjoy
some really great hair days as well.


I’ve never really cared about how many friends I have on Facebook or how many followers I have on twitter. In fact I’d rather have fewer friends in general and have those be really quality people in my life. However, it’s pretty cool that my British Telly Tumbrhas passed 20,000 followers! I can’t believe how popular it is, it blows my mind. I love that I get a lot of comments and questions,…

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I’ve never really lost anyone really close to me before. I’ve lost grandparents, which was hard but I didn’t spend every single day with them. I’ve had breakups but usually none of them lasted longer than a year. Losing my baby boy Pilot was the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through in my 34 years and I’m still going through it.

I’ve had to figure out how to deal with this pain and continue…

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😰😤 (at Nashoba Valley Fitness Center Inc)

Miles hasn’t laid down in my lap since we adopted him and today, 2 years after my lap cat Pilot died, he walked over and laid down in my lap 😢

Already crying today thinking about Pilot and how we had to say goodbye to him 2 years ago today. Still miss him, think about him all the time. More than anything I miss coming home, sitting on the sofa and him looking up at me asking if he could sit with me. I’d pat my lap and he’d jump up to my lap and cuddle down. Can’t wait to go home to visit his grave and hug my furbabies.

A sofa full of cats.

I bring him home a big box just his size and he wants to squeeze into this small ass box.

#nopoo day 10, definitely a rough hair day but my hair is thicker and normally with shampoo my hair would be so much more oily after 3 days - progress.

Nap time.

He’s fancy. #milesthebear

Day 5 #nopoo my hair is a bit oily (which is normal but after a week or two it’s supposed to get better) bit definitely fuller and healthier.