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Likes: British tv, indie movies, Kevin Spacey, Foo Fighters, Weezer, honesty, my husband, beer, bagels and Ireland.

Dislikes: fakeness, most reality tv, Twilight, defensiveness, meatloaf (the food not the band)

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Listerine/ACV foot soak #diy

Applesauce hair mask.

Baby girl. #aurorafiles


After seeing a bit about this “No Poo” thing going on around the internet I figured I’d give it a try. I love my hair, I’ve always loved my hair, but getting older it’s gotten thinner and not quite as lovely as it used to be so I’m all for trying something that might make me really love my hair again.

Why No Poo?

Commercial shampoos strip your hair of natural oils that protect your hair and make…

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#nopoo day 18,I love how thick and wavy it is but it is kind of dry and waxy.


2 years since Miles adopted us, 2 of these pictures ate from when we first met him at Pat Brody.

#nopoo day 16.


I think if any relationship is easy then there is probably something missing and eventually the problems will rise to the surface. I know I had a great friendship one time, a best friend, and things were great and mostly easy for a long long time. I think mostly it was easy because we ignored things and swept things under the rug. Normally I’m a talker, I like to talk things out but if the other…

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Sneezy kitties here.